About Me : Yeliz Bilgi

► I Graduated from CF Design Academy, 2018 [unpaid internship, $600k+ raised]
► Mentored by One Of The Top 30 ClickFunnels Designers In The World! [2018]
► Coached by a 2CCX Coach
► Funnelhacker and Funnelbuilder [learned from the best of the bests]
► Affiliate Marketer
► Course Creator
► Mom, Wife, Lifetime Learner


I have spent my life trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a living.
It’s like I was a fish out of water who was trying to find the big ocean to jump into.
I always knew I wanted to do something, but I just didn’t know what exactly.
I have always loved helping people. I have worked as an Au Pair, German Teacher, Nanny and at one point
I even started attending nursing school! All the things involved helping people in some way.

My husband and my family were super excited I was becoming a nurse. However, as much as I loved helping others,
I wanted more.

More freedom, more money, more flexibility.

I just didn’t know how to get those things in my job and career.
But I discovered that being an entrepreneur allows me to do all those things! I had tried so many things,
I developed game apps and did tedious freelancer jobs to name a few tries I made.
But none of these gave me the fulfillment I craved.
I needed something bigger and better.

So, I started investing in courses and learned so many things about marketing funnels, social media marketing, and different types of business models. All that helped me to design Funnel Jungle Club!

Funnel Jungle Club comes in three parts and is very affordable on purpose!

► Funnel Starter Pack [$27]
► Unlock The Temple [$97]
► Release The Lion [$197]

I know how it feels not to know where to start and spending so much time looking for opportunities on how to start a business from home. So inside Funnel Jungle Club du will see a Temple to unlock and inside the temple you can learn ways to monetize online using funnels!

I am also talking all the ins and outs on social media and marketing and I will give you a ton of bonuses to kickstart your business when you take this course.I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to start and scale their businesses, no matter what that business involves. So, if you have always dreamed of starting and scaling your own business online, then joining Funnel Jungle Club will be the start of fulfilling your goal. It doesn’t matter what your niche is or what you want to sell when it comes to products and services.

This course will start you off on the journey to working for yourself and accomplishing all you have ever wanted in the way of a caree.

Funnel mastery

Launch your first funnel in record time even if you have ZERO tech experience! ⁣⁣

You don’t even need experience in copywriting! Just fill in the blanks! ⁣⁣
Funnels are great to get more leads and sales. ⁣⁣📈
Websites are great to build a brand around it.⁣⁣ 🌺
So if you are trying to start or scale your business, you need a funnel. It will grow your business by generating MORE LEADS, AUTOMATE your business and get you MORE SALES! ⁣⁣

Here is what you will get if you decide to invest in yourself today:

set up your account⁣⁣ with my easy to follow videos


get done-for-you premium funnel templates ⁣⁣


with fill-in-the-blank copy⁣⁣


and sooo much more! ⁣⁣


easy, short and straight forward to the point video tutorials to customize the templates for your own business⁣⁣

All this for ONLY $97 so you can launch your funnel in the next few days or even today! .


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