Funnel Jungle Club

Successful entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their email list and get more sales using marketing funnels! The question is, why don’t you use funnels?
Are all the coaches out there too expensive for you to just get started? Is it because of the tech-part? Or is it because you don’t know where to start?!
What if you had a trainer to take you by the hand, help you get started from setting up your account to crafting your first funnel to generate leads and turn leads into sales without paid ads!

Funnel Workbook to craft your funnel before your build it

Funnel 101 Training [learn all about funnels and how to get more leads and turn them into sales organically]

Trello Board - walks you step-by-step how to set up your ClickFunnels™ account fast

a very valuable "Funnel Solution" eBook to cover all the important fundamentals of a funnel, explains the difference between a website and a funnel, value ladders for coaches, info product sellers, eCommerce, and my very own value ladder + other golden nuggets inside!!

You will also receive a pretty, cute printable funnel checklist in baby pink 😊

Having a sales funnel is NOT an option if you want to grow your business in 2020.  🐾

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This Trello board will help you to setup your Clickfunnels account the right way.

How to Configure SMTP Settings

In order to send out emails – whether it’s fulfillment emails or your automated email sequences – this board will make configuring these settings a breeze. This will enable you to send out emails from your own business email address and avoid emails sending from


How to connect domains and subdomains

You want to assign your funnel a unique domain name. And if you already have a main domain, I will show you how to setup a sub-domain and connect it to your funnel!


How to add digital downloads

Let your leads download your pdf files or any other digital product immediately after they opt in, or send it as an email and/or have it downloadable on your thank you page right after a lead clicks the download button. Let me show you how to set this up.


How to set up automated emails

Let me show you how you can set up your automated email sequences. You can send emails immediately, after a few hours, or even after few days when someone opts-in or makes a purchase.


How to add your own Autoresponder

Connect your autoresponder to your funnel to collect leads and nurture them with your emails.



Websites vs Funnels

I will tell you the difference between websites and funnels with examples based on a real life case study.



There are some important elements every converting funnel should have. I list them all for you.


Launch Checklist

Get your funnel launch checklist as a printable pdf file.

Value Ladders

Ultimate value ladders for coaches, infopreneurs, ecommerce and agencies.


Lead Magnet Ideas

Learn how you can attract your customers with my lead magnet ideas.



This short but valuable book is filled with the best funnel information. Access it all in this one book.

How to set up payment gateways

In order to collect payments you need to set up a payment gateway.

Funnel Mastery Course “🔒 Unlock 🔒 The Temple”

at the Beginning Of your funnel jungle adventure there is A Temple which includes:


Want to know which tools I can’t live without? These tools seriously are the best tools that every Entrepreneur should have. I will share them all with you!

[VALUE: $97]


Yello Will Tell You Some Amazing Secrets And Give You Some Software Access And Goodies

Marketing Secrets

The Dream 100 Method

Influencer Marketing

How to run contests like a ninja

How To Giveaway Free Vacations

Other advertising methods

This tool will write headlines for you for free

Social Media Secrets

Don't create a Facebook Page, do this instead

Your Facebook Funnel

#1 Facebook Group Tip

Instagram Profile Setup & Secrets

How to engage on autopilot with your audience

How I got 1k visitors a day on instagram

Make Space for new friends on auto-pilot

Software Vault

Group Convert: Chrome Extension to capture leads from your Facebook Group [$197 Value]

VidMonial: Collect Testimonials in exchange for a bonus and publish them on your site. This is the fastest and easiest way to collect and display testimonials on autopilot!


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